100% Natural Men Beard Oil

New Lanthome 100% Natural Beard Oil and Balm Moustache Wax for styling, Beeswax moisturizing smoothing gentlemen beard care

Hold and Seal -


The beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter will give you a light to medium hold, keeping stray hairs to a minimum. They may also help seal the hair and follicle, keeping it from drying out.

Moisturize -

Jojoba is a fantastic moisturizer and works well with coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

Most men simply use their fingers to apply balm but you can also use a wooden beard comb or brush if you prefer.

 It is best to apply your balm when your beard and skin is warm and damp as your hair and skin will absorb the most natural goodness from the oils and butters.

That makes right after your morning shower a perfect time to apply beard balm. Some men do apply it throughout the day or before going out for a night on the town, and it can be applied to both wet and dry beards.