Blackhead Remove Facial Mask

Feel downcast every-time that you look at yourself in front of the mirror? How to deal with those annoying large pores, blackhead, loose skin and so on? Maybe this Pilaten Blackhead Acne Remover Face Mask Deep Cleansing will be good for you. It is a sort of paste facial mask, rather different from paper ones. With highly reliable ingredients, it is safe and anti-allergy. What is more, due to its active ingredients, it is great for removing nose blackhead, shrinking large pores, facial detoxification and so on. It is quite easy to use. Your ideal choice!

  • Adopting non-chemical ingredients, it is soft and won´t damage your skin
  • Remove blackheads, eliminate oily
  • Deep clean, remove acne, anti sensitive, whitening functions
  • Help to keep your face smoother and tender
  • Deep cleansing for blackheads and acne
  • Improve skins texture, balancing the skins oil levels
  • It contains pure natural essence, safe to use
  • Soft membrane paste facial mask, different from paper ones
  • Suitable for any skin type