All you need to know about Charcoal activated teeth whitening

October 19, 2017

All you need to know about Charcoal activated teeth whitening

There has been a lot of buzz on social media over the last months over a new trend of charcoal infused teeth whitening, and for good reason! If your really wondering will it work, how long does it take? Is it dangerous? Then keep on reading.

What is charcoal activated teeth whitening?

Believe it or not activated teeth whitening charcoal is very similar to the charcoal you would find in your bbq or fireplace, However teeth whitening charcoal is created by heating up charcoal using a type of gas that causes pores in the charcoal mineral itself which trap chemicals.

Its been known to have many other health properties which includes being used for cholestasis during pregnancy and lower cholesterol levels.


How does it work?

The activated charcoal melds with the rough area's on your teeth, i.e. surface stains and plaque, making it an easy job to remove unwanted substances. Once you have thoroughly brushed your teeth you can then remove the powder which will remove any unwanted plaque with it. This is what gives the user a fresh feeling after each brush.


Is it safe?

Activated charcoal is completely safe to ingest. We ensure that our's is crushed to an extremely fine powder to ensure the best possible results for our customers. 

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